Jaqueline Burgess




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Dimensions: 121cm X 91cm
Creation date: 2023
Medium: Oil on Canvas

Frame: Framed in Tasmanian Oak

I have been exploring abstract in the form of a focused examination, my muse being the ancient rock forms on the East Coast of Tasmania. This detailed dissection extracts the intricacies of the weathered surfaces, revealing transcendental shapes that move between the abstract close-up of the mottled rock form and galaxies of glowing colour. With its lace-like effect, the intricate brushwork embraces the surface of the curvaceous forms that seem to glow within.

‘Logos, a principle originating in classical Greek thought, refers to a universal divine reason immanent in nature yet transcending all oppositions and imperfections in the cosmos and humanity. An eternal and unchanging truth present from the time of creation, available to every individual who seeks it.’

This theory resonates with me; the painting is one of no-purposeful narrative, endeavouring to capture the eternality embedded in the ancient rock forms. Its intent is to reveal many things to the viewer about themself.

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