Doing is believing, and believing sets you free


Doing is believing, and believing sets you free

working in the studio 

Why do I paint? This is the question I get asked by so many people. It would have been so much easier and more profitable to secure a career in design, decorating or perhaps teaching art.



close up of Tamarama from the beach looking up at surf club


I have recently celebrated my 40th , and although I was probably too busy to get caught up in realising that hitting this milestone of getting older was to some a morbid realisation of their impending fate and the young years now far in the distance. But Ive actually come to appreciate that my 20's were a flight of experimentation in the career sense, my 30's were the ground work of coming to terms as a new mother along with the birth of my art career. Which brings me back to my original question: "Why do I paint?"


Well this is why, there are many loves in my life starting with my spirituality, my family, friends and the beautiful gift of nature and its wonders. Self love has been something that I have had to work on over the years, and have figured out that when you get to know WHO you really are, then you are able to appreciate yourself and your talents and in turn love yourself ( not in a vain or self indulgent kind of way) But rather in a way that allows you to set yourself free from the preconceived ideals and narratives that society expects of woman and creatives.

This in turn allows you to give freely the gift of love and compassion for others. 


I've heard it so many times, the phrase " a starving artist"  , "Artists only become well known when they die'. Perhaps in the old days, but today we have louder voices and exposure thanks to the web. 


left :'spring walks print framed in tassie oak'.    right :working on new collection 

So I paint, because I'm a LOVER,  a lover of all things beautiful, magical, precious and individual. I paint to share my LOVE , in the hope that you get an insight into the beauty that I see that ignites my soul and sets my mind alight. I want to give you some of that love and joy, wether its just to admire digitally on an instagram post, or if I have had the honour of having one of my limited edition prints purchased by you to hang in your home, and of course when someone decides they NEED one of my original paintings, I literally explode with joy as you get to take home a part of my gift of love. I think that gos for anyone trying to walk their path in life.


Doing i s believing and believing sets you free. Find that thing you LOVE and do it , then share it with your community. 


So thank you to those that keep my art career alive, that keep my love of life growing , for appreciating and joining me on this journey as a visual Artist. 


I have decided to write a monthly blog post, and be sure to check your emails as I will be notifying you, of my latest collection coming out soon - inspired by my recent trip to Tasmania.


I have painted a few "minis" which are one off's and only a handful up for grabs!


There will also be a batch of very limited edition prints of the larger works, as well as a range of medium, more affordable paintings. 



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