On my journey as an artist, I felt I had lost my own connection to what felt true. In 2023, I felt compelled to listen to the gentle messages I was hearing; that there was more to my artist's story, and there was more that I could offer, I had a calling from deep within.
     I decided to embark on a soul's journey to connect with my most authentic essence. So, through a series of healing practices with various practitioners, I opened up my world to something greater than what I was seeing with my eyes; I started looking within and seeing my world from a completely different lens, where I can connect on a spiritual level with the kind of love I had forgotten existed. 
     Each meditation I followed led me to a new and exciting place, a soul's journey to discover who I really am, why I am here and what my purpose on Earth is. This led me to have my Akashic Records read. This experience blew my mind, and it was here in this sacred space that I got confirmation of my soul family in the ethers; my spiritual guides lovingly reminded me of my connection to God and all I have come in contact with on this beautiful earth we call home.   
     Through meditation connecting with my guides, I was drawn to study with a teacher who guided me on how to read the Akashic Records. It is here I realised that I had found a space where my art and my soul’s journey could move forward together and show others how beautiful and magnificent they are, by creating a visual representation of the soul/essence, expressed in the form of a landscape painting.
THE AKASHIC RECORDS are a vibrational archive of every soul and its journey. The records respond to questions asked and allow pure information to flow through. My specialty is seeing the essence of one’s soul and using paint as the medium to communicate their essence with them. Our soul's purpose is through us, not outside of us. 
     When I enter your records, I meet with your loving guides and angels. Here, my spiritual eye opens up and sees the essence of your divinity and your soul's utmost beauty. Your essence reveals a visual landscape of your sovereign energetic field, full of colours, symbols and imagery that radiates and illuminates the magnificence of you. 
     Your unique or signature painting will bring about an awakening, a beautiful synchronicity, and a visual connection to your highest Self. Your Soul Painting is a confirmation of how you belong to the landscape of the earth. It gives direction on how you can bridge the gap between your human and divine Self and is symbolism of remembrance that your heavenly and human qualities are needed here on Earth.